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Increased birth rates in the Nordic are nonexisting. Also, first\/second generation immigrants stand for an unproportional share of births \n”>],”childrenIDs”:>],”childrenIDs”:[160587618,160587919,160587976,160587600,160587712]>],”childrenIDs”:[160587587,160587627,160587599,160587916,160588098,160587585,160587618,160587919,160587976,160587600,160587712]>,<"id":160587521,"author":"Derek227","vote_total":8,"user_vote":null,"updoots":10,"downboops":2,"vote_count":12,"date":"2023-04-01>

Yeah but then the man is free to continue plant his seed, which is really the main biological imperative. So perhaps women\u2019s earning potential will create a unexpected population boom. \n”,”children”:[<"id":160587670,"author":"yo","vote_total":3,"user_vote":null,"updoots":4,"downboops":1,"vote_count":5,"date":"2023-04-01>

It isn’t including matchmaking are advanced, connected with thinking, like, and you can trust otherwise one thing like that

The highest rates of suicide are among the elderly, not so much among younger men. And US suicide rates are not in the topmost set of the world.\nHarems are certainly not the norm, and outside the Middle East and parts of Africa polygamy is not even a legal option. Nor does polyamory appear to be a major trend in the US (a small, hothouse trend, yes). Even in cultures that did and do allow polygamy it’s limited to the a small upper class group. \n”>],”childrenIDs”:>],”childrenIDs”:[160587829,160587842,160587765,160588212]>],”childrenIDs”:[160587753,160587829,160587842,160587765,160588212]>],”childrenIDs”:[160587670,160587753,160587829,160587842,160587765,160588212]>],”childrenIDs”:[160587613,160587670,160587753,160587829,160587842,160587765,160588212]>,<"id":160587519,"author":"DeQuan","vote_total":45,"user_vote":null,"updoots":45,"downboops":0,"vote_count":45,"date":"2023-04-01>

I recently watched Four Weddings and a Funeral, the 1994 movie with Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell. Of course, this genre always includes a cad, https://gorgeousbrides.net/sv/tjeckiska-brudar/ and I wasn’t disappointed. This one includes a cadess (is that a word), the part played by Andie MacDowell (MacDowell always plays the part of the woman floating above it all, as if she isn’t really there). Movies about Brits and marriage remind me of the part played by Heather Mills. Mills may not have won an academy award for her performance, but she taught Paul McCartney a lesson about marriage he will never forget: don’t enter this \”holy state\” without a pre-nup. \n”,”children”:[<"id":160587594,"author":"M","vote_total":0,"user_vote":null,"updoots":0,"downboops":0,"vote_count":0,"date":"2023-04-01>

It depends. Since the study ties winning the lottery and marital prospects, the implication is that winning the lottery came before the marriage. In such case, the spouse who won the lottery would, other things being equal, keep the lottery winnings because they were not a marital asset: wealth accumulated before marriage is a separate asset, while wealth accumulated during marriage (including the increase in the value during the marriage of wealth accumulated before marriage) is a marital asset. That is the general rule here but I don’t know about Sweden. Other things being equal (the \”it depends\”). Marriage is a risky endeavor, with possible gains and possible losses. Which side of the ledger one finds oneself when the dust settles would affect one’s view of this \”holy state\”. Our culture (but not necessarily our law) encourages marriage for the reasons implied by the findings in the study: marriage makes men more responsible and productive (in the economic sense and fertility sense). What about for women? They should pray that this \”holy state\” doesn’t make them less wholly. I’m not a divorce lawyer because I prefer calm in my life. \n”,”children”:[<"id":160587513,"author":"Ben>

It is common that Russian Winter season, \”Anarchism,\” and you can \u0905\u0930\u093e\u091c\u0915\u0924\u093e\u0935\u093e\u0926 all the slip within this \”enclosed peremeter\” your discuss about it, subsequent elucidating the newest big connections anywhere between apparently not related principles

Oh, absolutely! Because we all know that marriage is just a simple math equation where winning the lottery is the only variable that matters. Clearly, a study about lottery winnings and marital prospects is the perfect way to understand how marriage affects women. And who needs the expertise of a divorce lawyer when we’ve got you to enlighten us on the subtleties of marital assets and the laws in Sweden? Your preference for calm in your life is surely enough to turn you into an authority on the subject. \n”,”children”:[<"id":160587974,"author":"Getting>

s time to read \u201cThe Lottery\u201d by Shirley Jackson. For some, if not most, thats the reality of winning \u201cthe lottery\u201d via marriage. \n”>,<"id":160587766,"author":"Peter","vote_total":-1,"user_vote":null,"updoots":0,"downboops":1,"vote_count":1,"date":"2023-04-01>

Oh, definitely! Since when it comes to discussing in the world economics together with intricacies of numerous standards, absolutely nothing slightly hits the brand new complete towards direct such as the correlation ranging from perseverance and watching purple. \n

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