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BALASUNDARAM P (2007) Love is not an atmosphere: trust and impairment in the context of impoverishment

Journal from Faith, Handicap & Wellness eleven (2) 15-twenty two. The author accounts and interprets talks into spiritual activities in this a beneficial self-let band of mothers having notably disabled children and you will fulfilling month-to-month more several years, in a very poor area of South Delhi. Off young adults to help you ladies in their 50s, these types of moms and dads are from other faith experiences, and several got reached Delhi off rural areas. Most had been administered no simple help from agents of one’s own spiritual community, and they must get a hold of their particular ranged approaches to issues off fault, guilt, karma, the need off Goodness, or other religious affairs, amidst the stress out of commonly stigmatising public perceptions.

BALODHI JP & Chowdhary, J Roy (1986) Psychological rules in Atharva Veda: an assessment. Indian Journal out of Psychiatry twenty eight: 63-68. Short term opinion. Admits “big disagreement” anywhere between symbolic, etymological, or literal perceptions of Vedic terms.

second version. Basel. 105 pp. Member of a household off prolific scientific authors, Bartholin generated specific knowledge specifically toward handicap. (Get a hold of 2nd goods).

BARTHOLIN T (1672) De- morbis biblicis miscellanea medica. 2nd model. Frankfurt. 133 pp. Look for notice to the past goods. The current performs along with appeared in English transl. by J Willis, inside a model had written 1994, Copenhagen.

AL-BASIT, Musa (2000) Huquq al-Mu`awwaqin fi al-Shari`good al-Islamiyya [Legal rights of your handicapped on Islamic Shariah.] Um el Fahem: Markaz al-Dirasat al-Mu`asira. [Perhaps not seen. From inside the Dr Rispler-Chaim’s “Disability in the Islamic Laws” (the following, 2007, discover pp. 123-134, as well as notes and you will sources pp. 152-153) their particular English interpretation off “a percentage” off Dr al-Basit’s work appears, having consent. Which number in order to a wide-varying article off more than 6000 conditions, handling definitions and you can kind of handicap, commitments and you can debts out-of disabled people, Islamic ways to avoid handicap, moral, religious and emotional care and attention afforded in order to disabled individuals contained in this Islam, some known Muslims with disabilities, procedure specifications for disabled some body, and you may references regarding the Qur’an, hadiths and other literature.]

Indian Women Evangelist 8: 241-244. Information on the education from an excellent deaf Indian youngster (later on estonian sexiest women baptised ‘Ellen’) who was simply located given up on jungle, inside an excellent feral county, and you may are produced family by the author’s dad, a beneficial missionary during the Chupra. Unacquainted with any fundamental sign code, Skip Baumann studied in order to talk to Ellen because of the a system of body gestures, and you can stated the latest sluggish grade which she turned into conscious of Ellen’s intelligence and advances when you look at the spiritual information, matched up from the radical changes in their unique private and societal actions.

BAZNA, S ) Disability on Qur’an: the fresh new Islamic replacement identifying, seeing and you can per impairment. Record out of Faith, Disability & Health nine (1) 5-27pares traditional interpretations out-of related messages, with modern position to the disability. Explores the newest significance of some handicap-relevant terms and conditions once the considering in early 14th century Lisan ul-Arab (Beirut: Dar Ehia al-Tourath al-Arabi) of the Ibn Manzur [c. 1230-1311], a huge lexicon obtained on the basis of prior to dictionaries.

BARTHOLIN, Thomas (1662) Paralytici enti, medico et philologico commentari illustrati

BENZAHRA, Saloua Ali (2002) Signal of your own handicapped into the Arab / Islamic community and you may literature off North Africa and Middle eastern countries. Unpubl. doctoral thesis, Univ. Minnesota.

BAUMANN Elizabeth (1886) Deaf-and-dumb Ellen and how she became an excellent Christian

BERTRAM G (1967) [Greek] mOros. In: Grams Kittel (ed) Theological Dictionary of one’s New-testament, transl. GW Bromiley, pp. 832-847. Huge Rapids MI: Eerdmans. Discusses in the high outline the fresh Greek term and you may associated terms and conditions, variously definition ‘foolish, dull-witted, feeble-minded’ regarding the New testament and you will before literature, that have copious sources.

Brand new BHAGAVADGITA on Sanatsugatiya and the Anugita (1898) 2nd model, transl. KT Telang, SBE 8. Oxford: Clarendon. Anugita ch. XXI, Brahma’s voice defining dark and you will lack of knowledge, plus immaturity from intellect, not enough discrimination, stolidity (pp. 317-23). People who have including features is evil-doers, doomed for rebirth because the pets, demons, idiots, deaf-and-dumb an such like.

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